WEMTA 2016

This is a little past-due, but it’s still worth the share!



On April 11th, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a day of the WEMTA conference in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. WEMTA is the Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association, and each year this association holds a conference for education personnel (teachers, administrators, professors, librarians, etc.). This year, WEMTA was held for three days, and I attended the second day.

Let’s just be clear here–this was an awesome event. I attended with my Ed. Media Apps instructor and a few fellow classmates. I attended a few speakers, but what was really cool is that my group were speakers! I had so many people asking, as I was wearing my UWP shirt, “Oh, when did you graduate?” and having to tell them that I am, indeed, still a student. That shocked them. What probably shocked them more, however, was when they saw that I was both a first time attendee and a presenter. Talk about getting your foot in the door!

I’ve included some photos, some taken by me, others taken by my fellow classmates. It was such an educational and awesome opportunity. I am so glad I went, even if I did miss four classes. I learned so much, and even snagged some goodies at the Vendor Hall. Hopefully I’ll make it back there someday!


This was our presentation! It functioned more as a workshop where attendees learned how to use a simple green screen.
The paintings at the Kalahari Resort, where the conference as held, were super extravagant. Perhaps they were not as awesome as the conference itself, but they were totally selfie-worthy.



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