Tools for Formative Assessment: Kahoot

Today I’m going to tell you about Kahoot! Kahoot is a free online assessment source. You simply have to sign up to use it. Users then are able to create their own learning games in which they can add their own questions, images, and videos. Need some inspiration on why to use Kahoot? On their website, Kahoot features stories from other blogs and news sources on how to use Kahoot as an assessment tool as well as articles that basically tell readers how fun and easy Kahoot is. Give them a read!

Kahoot is a wonderful tool because it put a little fun into assessment. A quiz on Kahoot can be used to measure how much students learned from a lesson without having the students feel like they are taking a formal quiz. Students (or “players”) simply have to join the quiz using a PIN and a username. Students can use a computer or mobile device, it doesn’t matter–as long as they are online, they can assess your Kahoot! There is a feature that blocks cruel or crude names from being made. Students then take the quiz online as a group. Each question is timed and scored. The one with the most points at the end wins!

Kahoot is a good tool to use for review games. It’s slightly competitive and fun–and it’s also a form of assessment so students are learning! In addition, quizzes on Kahoot can be made for any subject! Kahoot also has an entire page dedicated on ways to play Kahoot! These include using Kahoot to introduce new topics, as a form of assessment, or even as a survey. Kahoot offers many features for your need of assessment. For example, an introductory Kahoot can be used later in a lesson to assess how much students have learned. There is a mode called “Ghost Mode” that allows students to play against their previous scores.

There are also many great step-by-step tutorials that walk you through how to use Kahoot if you are a beginner. I have one here:

If videos aren’t your thing, Kahoot also has a step-by-step tutorial PDF.

Interested in trying out this cool new tool? You can find out how Kahoot works here and get started for free!


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