Guest Blog!

Guess what? I get a introduce a guest blogger! What’s even more awesome is I don’t have to write this entire blog myself!

My guest blogger is Wesley Wingert, who is a near and dear friend, classmate, and royal pain. He is a secondary education English major at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

And now, I shall turn it over to Mr. Wingert.

Hello! My name is Wesley Wingert and I’ve known Ms. Burbach for my entire college career. Together we’ve shared our opinions on a wide variety of topics, one of the most important being education. Of course, we are both on the way to becoming teachers. This semester, for the first time we share a class together: Educational Media Applications. I’ve been invited to write on her blog, so here goes.

It’s April 4th. It’s my birthday today. My 21st, in fact. But I’m not thinking about drinking, and not very much about celebrating (though I did go out to dinner). What am I thinking about? One research paper in my Shakespeare class, one in my Classical Mythology class, and another research paper in my History of the English Language class, all due near the end of the semester. On top of all of this, of course, is the rest of my regular homework load, which includes daily hours of reading from all of these subjects and a healthy dose of studying and homework from my Spanish course. Usually I am not one to procrastinate. In fact, if I don’t have a paper done days before it is do, I feel extremely guilty and a little ashamed of myself.

Lately, though, I feel I have been procrastinating. I haven’t started a single one of these large projects, because, well, I’ve been doing all my other homework and I’ve been able to tell myself that I’m doing enough. But I’m not. So I need a way to focus, and restrain myself to getting my work done. Now, in order to cut myself off from playing videogames, there’s a simple solution. I’ll have my brother hide my power cord. But, on the matter of getting distracted on my laptop, well… I can’t exactly hide that. I need it to write my papers. So what can I do? Well, technology, of course. I found an extension for Google Chrome called “Stay Focused”. What you can do with this extension is limit the amount of time that you will allow yourself to spend on a website each day. I plan on setting my allotted time to Facebook to be no more than 10 minutes each day. With this in place, rest assured I will solely be working on my projects (however slowly). This entire thing may seem a little silly, but when it comes down to it, it is very easy to get distracted and/or procrastinate in an age where technology surrounds you. But, as you have just read, technology can help you if you know what to look for.

So, if technology has helped me in my personal life with just a minimal amount of effort, what are its implications in the classroom? Well, as I’m sure Ms. Burbach has already mentioned in numerous blog posts, infusing technology into the classroom is not only entertaining, but also essential. Teachers need to keep up with their students in order to understand and relate to them, but, most importantly, keep them interested in what they’re teaching. Believe it or not, there are fun technology tools for almost any topic (Coolmath4kids, anyone?). If you don’t believe me, just google them. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my little interruption in Ms. Burbach’s blog. Bye now!


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