Just me and my blog…

Welcome to my first blog post! In this post I will explain my goals for this semester, Spring 2016, what my plans for this blog is, and why, exactly, I want to be a teacher.

To begin, my main goal for this semester hasn’t really strayed from my normal goal–that is, to continue my streak of getting nothing lower than an A- in any of my classes. I’m a junior in college and have a straight A academic record. How crazy is that! Aside from that, I have nearly completed my social science requirements (sadly, and my history emphasis), so now I’m focusing on education classes. While my other classes are clearly very important, it is these education classes that really mean a lot–I’m learning things I was never exposed to. To narrow my goals a little bit more, my goal for this semester in Ed. Media Apps is to learn how to integrate technology into my future classroom. Technology is constantly moving forward, so I’m learning that if I don’t keep moving forward with it, I’ll be lost in no time!

Admittedly, I’ve never blogged before…However, I have big plans for this blog. I not only plan to express my ideas as a future educator but as a history lover as well. I also plan to establish myself in a professional manor.

I have a great passion for learning and teaching. I have always liked sharing my knowledge with others, and I have always liked explaining and teaching things (not only to feel pride in myself and the person I’m teaching, but also to help myself feel more secure with what I know). They say that in order to teach something, you have to know that material pretty well, right? My interest to learn, grow, and pass that information on to others has been a large influence on why I have decided to pursue a career in education.

I was extremely lucky to have a great social studies teacher in high school. Not only was she entertaining and knowledgeable in the classroom, she was always looking out for her students. In the middle of my high school career, I hit a rough patch—I lost my best friend for reasons I will never understand, I was stressed with my new job which pulled away my weekends and homework time, and I was just all-around not okay with the situations going on in my life. My teacher could detect those kinds of things in her students. She pulled me aside one day after class, hugged me, and listened to me as I, holding back tears, told her how I felt with my life at that moment in time. Looking back, I realize that that stress and those feelings I was feeling may have been minuscule, but to this teacher, they were not. Those few minutes changed my definition of what it means to be a teacher. Those few minutes made me realize that I want to be a teacher, one who listens and reaches out when need be—who can be trusted, while still being able to influence their students to excel in the classroom.



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